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Sensualis Amour

Posted by Shinichi, 14 September 2014 · 1,345 views

Sensualis Amour is one of the collections I'm currently working on -- or perhaps it's more accurate to say that it is working on me. In any case, this is where some of my best work currently rests. These two are among my favorites.

The Flame

Two great stars once found their way,

Meeting under circumstance of gray;

Collision granted sparks to fly,

Erupting flames to soar on high.

Warmth and want consumed them both,

The flames to flare above sworn oaths;

Within the blaze the stars would dance,

Giving all to one brave chance.

Beyond all hope the stars did yearn,

Forgotten warmth upon them burned;

Lost in flames the stars did cry,

The time arrived to say goodbye.

The flame at last had run its course,

Yet in the stars lived no remorse;

For all that burned as stars came wake,

To ash they scattered, beyond escape.

Magnetic Fire

There sometimes isn't much to say,

But always much to feel;

When two lone figures come to play,

The heat is surely real.

Yet first the heat begins at glance,

A magnet there revealed;

So all begin to poke at chance,

Lest feelings be concealed.

Soon the sparks begin to shine,

Growing warmly under heel;

While chasing after all the signs,

To make a wholesome deal.


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