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Those Who Worship Demons

Posted by SuccubusSherry, in Paradigm Shifts 13 June 2018 · 0 views

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I haven't been around here for a while. Remember when I wrote, "so, I joined DKMU" ? Here comes one of those comments again.

So, I joined a demonolatry group. ( Not in so-called 'real life', only online.)
I found out that what I had been beginning to suspect was true- there are a growing number of people who treat demons, especially the Goetia, as if they are a pantheon of gods and worship them in the same way. They give offerings to them and usually make a petition, although they don't always include a petition every time. They create their own rituals, and some of these have Solomonic components in them while others don't.

There isn't an issue of good versus evil; they all appear to be hardworking and responsible citizens, which apparently was the ethos in King Solomon's society (or so the demons say.) If there is any issue at all, it is invocation versus evocation. My way of associating with demons, angels and gods has always been to do telepathy and sexual techniques with them and I've been doing it for a long time- over forty years now. After I had treated Bune in this way for a year, he started shoving me in front of demonolaters: first in a meditation (which bothered me, and made me quit those kind of meditations for a while), and then on Facebook, which was harder to resist.

These communities of humans and demons classify what I do as invocation, and there is a bit of controversy among the humans about whether it is more dangerous than evocation. As for the demons......I can't vouch for what they do with other people, but with me: when a demon knows I am going to invoke him, he will show up several days beforehand. If I am planning to ask for something spiritual or psychological, which I often do because I dread vanishing down a spiral of increasingly materialistic demands, he gives it to me straight away. He tells me what kind of candles, incense, food and/or drinks he likes, and whether he would prefer to share it with me or have all of it for himself.Then he waits with eager anticipation for a nice treat in few days' time.

They completely ignore how I do the ceremony, and whether it turns out well and makes me feel inspired or whether something goes wrong. My experiments only effect the way I feel, while they carry on with what they are doing and just basically look the other way. And should I ever decide to extricate myself later on, due to my recurring tendency to switch paradigms...….hmm, seems a little quagmire- ish in here.

Once again: I am going to assume that people are still reading these blogs, and the counter which records the number of views is either malfunctioning or has been sabotaged

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