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Archangel Chamuel And The Candy Pink Ray

Posted by SuccubusSherry, in Fiction Writing And The Occult 17 December 2018 · 42 views
angels, archangels
Archangel Chamuel And The Candy Pink Ray My author page on Facebook has been called Candy Pink Ray for a long time now. When I became a fiction writer four years ago, I decided to create something that would express the vibration that I wanted to work on. So I invented the Pink Ray of Affection- or so I thought. Now, as I have only just discovered, it seems that there is already a Pink Ray...


Mainstream Writing And Writing For A Minority

Posted by SuccubusSherry, in Fiction Writing And The Occult 25 November 2017 · 403 views
fiction writing, popular songs
I love some pieces of writing which have universal emotions in them, that appeal to a wide audience. Like the lyrics to ‘Bridge Over Troubled Water’, and the plot of ‘Love On The Dole’, and a very good short film called ‘Return To Waterloo’ which summed up life in England during the 1980’s. *

So if I love these, why is it that since becoming...


On The Novel 'diary Of A Drug Fiend'

Posted by SuccubusSherry, in Fiction Writing And The Occult 12 November 2017 · 442 views
fiction, occult fiction
I’ve always been ambivalent about Aleister Crowley. Was he evil, or was he a great adept in the history of western occultism?

One thing I know is that he was a great fiction writer. I’ve read both his novels, ‘Moonchild’ and 'Diary Of A Drug Fiend’, and I shall never forget the effect the early chapters of ‘Diary Of A Drug Fiend’ had on...


That Perennial Problem Of The Left And Right- Hand Paths

Posted by SuccubusSherry, in Paradigm Shifts 30 September 2017 · 341 views

I’ve always believed that the left-hand path and right- hand path are real. Some people have no time for this concept; they say something like “I use both my hands,” but to me it has always seemed like a real phenomenon: that occultists choose between them, and switch from one to the other.

It has always bothered me that I keep ending up on the...


Fried Egg On Your Lap

Posted by SuccubusSherry, in Paradigm Shifts 27 July 2017 · 436 views
solomonic magic, chaos magic
These are my final comments about Bune. I’m still with him, and it’s a good example of that adage which I’ve always found to be true, that what you resist you become.

When I was young I always used to say that money was evil, and I hated it. I liked any joke that made fun of people for chasing after money. My favourite of all was a scene from an...


A Lot Of Praying

Posted by SuccubusSherry, in Random Diary Entries 01 April 2017 · 550 views
solomonic magic
A Lot Of Praying So I've become close to this new entity called Bune.

I've been reading more thoroughly about ceremonial magic, and it is very much its own paradigm. Chaos magic is of course a paradigm as well, despite the fact that it includes 'paradigm shifts.' But this one seems to be based on a mainly biblical set of beliefs, and an incredible lot of...


How To Write A Hypersigil

Posted by SuccubusSherry, in Media Magick 10 January 2017 · 502 views
hypersigil, Grant Morrison
I am the complete opposite of Grant Morrison, and yet I am a very great fan of his magical method of writing hypersigils. Let me describe the way I do it, as taught by my egregore friend Ino.

First, choose your intent, and write it down if you want to.Take a notebook or exercise book, and remove excess pages so it...


Falling Angels

Posted by SuccubusSherry, in General Magic 09 October 2016 · 668 views
angels, pagan gods, servitors
I've noticed, by being nosy, that quite a few people are still reading my old discussion 'Angels Still Fall'. I've read it again to see whether I agree with what I said originally. Mostly I do, but I would add one proviso.

A human being is like a radio, and we can tune ourselves to many different frequencies, which will affect what we...


‘Chaos Magick For Beginners’- Essay By Ino

Posted by SuccubusSherry, in Random Diary Entries 08 June 2016 · 1,203 views
Ino, chaos magic, chaos magick
I’ve noticed that in many magical traditions, when you receive a message from a higher entity you are usually really stoned on some drug The message is long and basically incoherent, although heavy with lots of esoteric references, and it is called a transmission. “I drew a circle. Then I took this pill, then that pill, then this pill.”

What I do is...


Involved With Lilith

Posted by SuccubusSherry, in Random Diary Entries 18 May 2016 · 609 views
Lilith, past lives, chaos magic
A while ago during the 1980’s I used to know a sorcerer who lost his mother from an illness, and I was almost certain he liked to think that it was him who had made her die. Maybe that wasn’t true, but if it was it’s horrific; you can’t get more anti-life than wanting to kill your mother. I’ve always believed that my own feelings are...

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