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Hypersigil Attempt, Angst: The 36Th Night.

Posted by isaacjames, 11 January 2017 · 947 views

The 36th Night.

I am not a very good magician. I don't really document what I do.
I more haphazardly surf the synchronicity wave with little hope nor care.
I am an ok musician though. I aim my magical compas and art through sonic and ludic creations.

1 year ago I started a 36 night long ritual that in totality is a form of hypersigil.
I made it to night 35.
On the aniversary of that ritual, I present my hypersigil, my album: Angst: The 36th Night.

Free. Listen. Don't listen. Tell someone. Tell no one.

The 36th Night.

I'm very interested in other people's hypersigils and I'm just in the process of listening to this album. I like it- reminds me of music that was played at small concerts and parties many years ago. Sounds like if you played it very loudly you could go into a trance. Well done. Do the rest of the band have any interest in the hypersigil concept?

Hey, why not join in with the 'synchronicity Litmus Test' discussion and explain about 'haphazardly surf the synchronicity wave with little hope nor care.' it's better when more people give their interpretations.
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Hey, sorry it's taken a while to reply.
The band consists of me, a soldier, a businessman and an artist. I've had discussions with them regarding hypersigil technique and application. None of them read magick, nor have a very in depth knowledge of the subject. However they know of the cutthroat world of music first hand and were happy to go along with anything that would give us an edge.
At the end of the day though, we were just four dudes who wanted to make music.
I would be delighted to join in with the discussion, I'll add what I can.
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the link leads to an 800 hundred pound rhino
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It's a musical Sigil.
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