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Linda Goodman Quotes

Posted by jes, 01 April 2016 · 1,017 views

I've been reading Linda Goodman's works and I think she has some wonderful things to say about love. I'm going to add them here as I find them.

"Who among us is not, at times, unlovable? And are not these the very times when we secretly need love the most? Oh! the magic of receiving kindness in return from one to whom we have been...


Cleaning Out A Box

Posted by jes, 29 January 2015 · 1,048 views

It's been a while since I've blogged anything. Had an interesting experience that might be fun to share. So one of my psycho ex's has had a box of stuff at my house for a good while and it's about time to dump it. Rather than just tossing or donating it, there's a lot of bad energy connected to it that I wanted to deal with first. My ex...


Path Becoming Personal

Posted by jes, 28 May 2012 · 875 views

I've been committed to studying the Golden Dawn path for about two and a half years now and for the most part it has been a lot of study and trying to understand how rituals work and for what they are truly useful. I always thought that'd I'd learn what I could from the system and then move on to other sources when I was done in my usual...

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