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The Unwritten

Posted by Brennan, 24 December 2018 · 35 views

And I stopped running.


Unwrite Vii (Part Vi)

Posted by Brennan, 23 September 2017 · 673 views

"To the mask of the face called man,

a thousand flames erupt from the crimson sky,

burning wheel, o dark star:

the key opens the gate the sanctuaries catacomb.

Ivory skull....


Unwrit Vi (Part V)

Posted by Brennan, 02 May 2015 · 1,304 views

I had come to find her, the Blue Star, shining in the desert. She was no star but a pool of pure water reflected in the sky and perfect blue and silver were her colors in this oasis, a sanctuary for the parched. In the dark night of the desert I had lost myself and all bearings or sense of direction was gone. I had followed her, the Blue Star, into the...


Unwrit V (Part Iv; The Interlude)

Posted by Brennan, 08 April 2014 · 1,167 views

It wouldn't be fair to get this far without saying how it started, and how it started was with a little boy asking, "Who am I?". Such a powerful question, that. It can shape and reshape perspectives, it can enter a person to a state of crisis, and it can end one. It can end lives and begin them. It began mine and in the process I had lost...


Unwrit Iv (Part Iii)

Posted by Brennan, 24 March 2014 · 1,016 views

No matter how far I walked, I could never seem to get any closer to her, this radiant star.


Unwrit Iii (Part Ii)

Posted by Brennan, 24 March 2014 · 933 views

O' Dreamerless dream,

ye Spear filled Tower,

A shatter of bells echoes through the empty hall.

- "Incantations"

You should've seen it, those eyes. Like pools of liquid mercury falling into a chasm for a pupil, two slit pupils, on that black...


Unwrit Ii (Part 1)

Posted by Brennan, 24 March 2014 · 992 views


It was beautiful, and terrifying: this giant black snake peppered with gold wrapped around a pillar composed of seven circular bricks. This was in the desert and there wasn't any sign of life except for that snake. Its head was above the pillar, above all seven of those bricks.




Unwrit I.

Posted by Brennan, 23 March 2014 · 713 views

....I had become a new person.

See, we all change. Some constantly and some not so. While the person I was still had ample room for development within that practice, it wasn't to be. In changing, (developing even? it could not have been considered growth) I had inadvertently shut those doors which enabled such skill. In changing I had opened new...

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